Apr 28, 2021

2021 NA3HL Draft is here


The 2021 NA3HL Draft is just one day away and will take place on Wednesday, April 28 at 1pm (central) and will be conducted online at na3hldraft.com

Fans and players will be able to follo

wing the draft o

ne of three ways:

1) Follow online at na3hldraft.com

2) Follow each selection on twitter at: @NA


3) Watch a free live broadcast of the draft

on HockeyTV

Here are some important reminders

and informational bits about the draft as it approaches:

What is the order of the NA3HL Entry Draft?

Eligible teams shall make selections in each round in re

verse order of their finish (winning percentage) in the 2020-21 NA3HL regular-season standings. New member clubs that did n

ot play in either league in 2020-21 shall have their order of selection determined by lottery. If there is only one new member club, it shall have the first selection in each round.

Who is eligible for the NA3HL Entry Draft?

Amateur players less than 21 years of age on December 31, 2021 who are not listed on an NA3HL team roster or are listed on an NA3HL team roster but played less than (10) NA3HL regular season and/or playoff games during the 2020-21 season and did not accept a tender from an NA3HL team prior to the 2021 NA3HL Entry Draft are eligible for selection in the draft.

Do prospective NA3HL players have to register for the NA3HL Entry Draft? 

No, there is no registration process to be eligible for the NA3HL Entry Draft.

How many rounds is the draft? 

The NA3HL Entry Draft shall consist of four (4) rounds. Each eligible NA3HL Club shall be entitled to one selection per round unless it has acquired or lost selections due to approved trades with other NA3HL Clubs.

Are drafted players eligible to try out for other NA3HL teams? 

Unless agreed upon in writing by the two NA3HL teams, tendered or drafted players are not eligible to try out for other NA3HL tea


Are drafted players eligible to try out for teams in other junior leagues? 

Yes, all tendered and drafted players are eligible to try out for any team in any league other than the NA3HL in the U.S. and Canada.

 Will the NA3HL Entry Draft be broadcast?

Yes, the NA3HL Entry Draft is scheduled to be broadcast with live round-by-round coverage on HockeyTV, official broadcast partner of the NA3HL. The draft will be hosted by Director of Communications, Alex Kyrias.


Will the results of the NA3HL Entry Draft be posted on NA3HL.com? 

Yes, the results of the NA3HL Entry Draft will be posted on NA3HLDraft.com in alphabetical order in its entirety upon completion.

Will all NA3HL tenders signings be posted on NA3HL.com? 

No, all tender signings will not be posted on NA3HL

What if a prospective player is not drafted, but is still interested in playing the NA3HL?
.com. NA3HL teams may make their tender signings public, but are not required to do so.

Players not drafted but who still want to play in the NA3HL are encouraged to attend individual team’s open tryout camps.