Icedogs Name Captains

The Bozeman Iceodgs have chosen their leadership for the 2014-15 season. Ryan Erickson of Bemidji Minnesota was named the team's captain. Ryan will be playing his third season for Coach Vichorek. "Ryan has the ability to lead and the qualities to be a good captain for us this season. I think a big advantage is he has been with me going on three years now and understands what I want from him and the rest of the team. I also believe when you are voted to such an important position from your teammates it shows they also believe you can lead in a positive way", said Vichorek.


Jake Nicks and Gunnar Mogck will be the teams alternate captains for this upcoming season. Jake Nicks is playing in his third season of junior hockey and Gunnar is in his second.


Gunnar Mogck was voted as an alternate captain this season after being named "Rookie of the Year", in last year’s campaign. Gunnar was eighth in the league in scoring last year with 63 points. Gunnar had a couple of opportunities to move up this off season to higher level teams and when it didn't work out he decided Bozeman was the best fit for another season to improve.


"Gunnar came in as a raw kid last year and has grown tremendously as a player and young man. He is a fairly quiet leader that comes to work every day to improve and help his teammates improve as well. He was recognized for this and was chosen to be a captain by his teammates and that tells me his teammates look to him for more than scoring on the ice", Coach Vichorek says.


Jake Nicks was a captain for the past two seasons for the Icedogs and was named an alternate captain again this season. Vichorek says this about the appointment of nicks. "Nicksy has been voted as Mr. Icedog the past two seasons for his unrelenting work for his team and his willingness to do whatever it takes to better the team. Jake has earned this honor and the respect of his teammates to continue in that role and that means a lot to him and us as a team".  


"Jake comes to work every day working his tail off at any position I ask him to so this team can win and that says a lot about his character."


These are the players chosen to have letters on their jerseys but as most coaches know there are more leaders than that on a team and everyone has that ability and opportunity throughout the year. Congratulations gentleman and have a great season.