Rex the Wonderdog

A Wondertale of Rex The Wonderdog

Legend has it, Rex was born in the fall of 1997 in Yellowstone National Park. At a very young age, he was lonely, bored and ready to venture out on his own. He decided to wander north through the Gallatin Canyon in search of a new home.

As he traveled through the canyon, he tried to look happy so he would not scare any other animals or people he may meet. Some other animals, however, didn't like such a happy animal in their territory and would chase him away. After a while, he began using the highway instead of conventional animal trails. One day, while trying to maneuver around a slow moving camper on the highway. Rex figured out he could run faster on his hind legs instead of all four. Before too long, the practice of using these two legs became natural.

Soon after leaving the canyon, Rex ventured into Bozeman.  After making his way across town he saw what looked like a large dog house at the Gallatin County Fairgrounds.  By now, it was late summer and quite hot outside. So, he walked inside in hopes of escaping the heat to take a nap.  Not long after that, ice was being made on the floor. The ice just sat there and Rex was sad. He wondered about the purpose of a big ice patch in the middle of this large building. It was only a few days later that the purpose became clear. People came from all around...some to play and other's to watch. The action was incredible!

By now, he was comfortable around this new home. He found the coach and asked if he could stay and live at Haynes Pavilion.  Seeing Rex was a friendly dog, he agreed. In return, Rex would come out and entertain people during Icedogs' games and occasionally appear around town. To make him look official, Rex was given a hockey jersey, shorts, and tennis shoes. At last, Rex had become the Wonderdog. He loves his new home and the people that come to visit. He is excited to be learning new tricks and meeting so many new friends. And that is the wondertale of our Rex the Wonderdog!